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Karl Schroder, 1920's Hot Jazz & Ragtime Piano

Thanks for the memories!

I will be giving my last formal piano concert on 5 May, 2007.

After many happy and fulfilling years on the concert stage, I have decided to formally end my piano performance career to concentrate on other things; among them, I will be concentrating my musical performance talent with my new volksmusik group, the production of music rolls and the continued restoration of automatic mechanical musical instruments. I will be stepping up my piano roll and midi controlled piano (Disklavier, Piano Disc) performances and will continue to issue CDs as long as the demand exists.

To all my many very gracious and generous fans that have supported me over the years with their great appreciation, kind words and simple gratitude, I say, “Thank you. I will miss you all very much”. I never did meet an audience that I did not connect with instantly.

I would especially like to thank Leo Sylvano, Richard Morgan, Mason Lander, Tony Lombardo, Katarina Sorenson, Lissette Marsch and Laura Martino for their unwavering support. And, though he has been dead many years, the late Eubie Blake for taking the time to teach a "snotty little white boy" how to play real ragtime and jazz, he is sorely missed by many.

Musically yours,

Karl Schröder,
Princeton, MO USA

5 March, 2007


"What a joy to hear and see Karl play an innocent grand piano into submission with a 1920's blues tour de force."  Melvin Schwartz, Rural Ragtime News

"I love his uninhibited and lilting melodies... seems to be more than one pianist at the keyboard." John Heckel, Milwaukee Times

"One moment he is Joplinesque and the next he tears up the keyboard like a reincarnated Jelly Roll Morten." Richard Morgan, Chas. Allis

"Schroder plays the blues like a young lion.  They are full of passion and seduction.   They have a certain moodiness about them that reminds one of this style's sporting house origin." Linda Cherkin, CNI News

"Bass slams, double time and uptempos make for an exciting ride for the authentic sounding 1920's jazz piano of Karl Schroder."  Richard Jenkins, UK Traveller

"No honkytonk nostalgia here- this is the real thing." Mason Lander, Jackson Dispatch


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